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Recreational Activities

Our hotel offers guests refuge from noisy roads and traffic, in a green setting with a wealth of views of the surrounding hills. Well-maintained hiking and biking trails start right next to the hotel. From this vantage point, you have the option to explore the beautiful landscapes in the Oberlausitz Region on foot or on your bike. After your hikes or cycle excursions you can recuperate in this peaceful, relaxing atmosphere or take advantage of the recreational activities offered by our hotel, such as chess and putting.

Thanks to its optimum location, Schirgiswalde is a good place to quickly and easily reach all of the sights and destinations in our region of Oberlausitz.


Our reception staff will be pleased to provide further information and tips.


We will also be pleased to create a customized program just for you that will make it easy for you to get to know our region, the people and the surrounding areas even better.


We recommend that you take a stroll through Schirgiswalde and visit the Local History Museum, which will give you insights into interesting details about the town – for instance that it even enjoyed the status of an independent republic for a few years.


Schirgiswalde’s famous landmark, the Catholic Mariä Himmelfahrt Church is definitely a sight worth visiting.


Also, make sure you spend some time at the nearby (1.5 km away) all-year-round public thermal pool Körse-Therme, which boasts a salt water pool and a vast sauna landscape for your relaxation.


As a holder of our guest card you will receive a discount on admission tickets.

Bicycle Tours in the Oberlausitz Region


Embark on a journey through the Oberlausitz Region – on your bicycle. We welcome bikers, especially since our hotel is situated right on the routes Umgebindehaus and Spree Bicycle Trail. As partners of the organization “Oberlausitz per Rad,” we assist guests with repair services, offer maps and, upon request, will organize excursions as well as meal packages for you. We recommend you explore the “Radtouren im Oberlausitzer Bergland” (Bicycle Tours through the Oberlausitz Hill Region):


Tour 1: Travelling the Brandy Route – 32 km
Tour 2: Borderland Tour – 47 km
Tour 3: “Umgebinde” houses in the Villages of Oberlausitz – 46 km
Tour 4: The Towns of the Oberlausitz Region – 100 km
Tour 5: From the Silbermann Organ to Alter Fritz – 65 km




The Relaxation Tour, which is also suitable for families:
4 special bicycle tours (house tours) that start and end at the Hotel & Recreation Park Am Lärchenberg (distance covered 17-30 km).


We will be pleased to send you more detailed information, including insights into our house tours, upon request.

Hiking Tours from the Hotel


The beautiful surroundings you will find in the Oberlausitz Region make it particularly inviting to spend your recreational time in nature. Hiking and cycling are very popular activities. The trails are easy to navigate thanks to excellent signage. Among the most visited destinations are the Bieleboh*, the Czorneboh*, Mönchswalder Berg*, the Valtenberg* or the Picho.* Stop at any of these places to take a break and catch your breath.
We also recommend our 8 round tour hikes (* all hills in the Oberlausitz Region).


If you prefer to go on a hike without a backpack, we recommend the Hill Land Tour, on which you will pass the “Umgebinde” houses on the route to the 3 springs of the Spree River.


Nearby Hikes

You are spending the night at the quiet Hotel Am Lärchenberg amid beautiful surroundings in the “Gem of the Oberlausitz Region” – Schirgiswalde. It is the perfect departure point for your hiking tours. Depending on your own physical condition, you can complete these hikes in a day or even half a day.


We suggest you try the following:

Hike to the Mönchswald Hill (the rebuilt scenic view tower offers spectacular views of Northern Bohemia, into the Zittauer and Iser Mountains as well as Saxony’s Switzerland).


Hike via Neukirch to the Valtenberg, elevation 587 m, which makes it the Oberlausitz Region’s highest hills.


See the typical “Umgebinde” houses and enjoy breathtaking views in Weifa, one of the most beautiful villages in the Oberlausitz Hill Region.


Hike to Crostau via the Kälbersteine and stop by the church to admire the Silbermann organ.

Extend your excursion into the Czech Republic via Sohland to Rozany and Sluknov … or ask our reception staff for further tour suggestions.

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